is for sale

This domain was originally registered of the domain in 1995. The previous owners closed First Mortgage Corp.  back in 2015 after a successful run of over 20 years.  We are currently accepting offers for this premium domain name 

Please contact us for more information, serious inquiries only.


  • Highly sought-after premium Mortgage domain 
  • *74000 average  searches per month for the key word “mortgage”
  • *3600 unique`s (direct type in traffic) per month for “FIRST MORTGAGE”
  • *Google AdSense Rate; CPC (cost per click) Is $12.46 per.
  •  The CTR (click through rate) is 99.9% with unique`s
  • 450 back links / 101 linking websites
  • Zero competition, unlike common searches, where CPC cost and CTR to your site is based on Google seo placement.  You are missing out on 1000s of customers without a direct type in traffic domain
  • Lead cost on direct type in traffic x 3600 @ $12.46 =$44,856 Per Month in advertising cost.
  • The Yearly cost is $538,272 in AdSense/search engine leads.
  • Why pay over $500,000+ per YEAR in advertising to compete.
  • Close only 20% of visiting traffic and that equals 720 new customers per month 
  • Each customer found you from direct type in traffic
  • Prevent the competition from owning a self driven asset with a 1 time fee and own it forever
  • Stop paying yearly for advertising, you will have more business than you will know what to do with
  • Brand your company as First or merge into your current company
  •  Make your ROI back within 1 year


Please contact us for more information, serious inquiries only.

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